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“The happiness games that are offered in follow-on newsletters provide reinforcement to ensure that the happiness results are lasting.  Thank you Cindi for your commitment to spreading happiness!”

—Juanita Segovia



Welcome to the First Create Happiness Games!

My team and I put together a series of fun and educational games to help you get the most out of your First Create Happiness experience and to help you increase your happiness IQ.

If you have read my book, First Create Happiness and the Rest Will Follow or taken my class by the same name, these games will help you reinforce what you learned about positive psychology and the Law of Attraction.

Science tells us that due to the forgetting curve (the brain’s natural tendency to forget information that isn’t being used) 90 percent of information is forgotten within 30 days, and 70 percent of that loss happens within one day. Since the concepts in First Create Happiness and the Rest Will Follow are designed to rewire your brain over time, it’s important to revisit these concepts often. When you reinforce these concepts, you are more likely to use the techniques I teach to keep your happiness levels high. Having fun while you do it is the best way to retain that knowledge.

If you are new to First Create Happiness, you can use these games to test your happiness IQ. Then buy my book or take my class. Play the games again to discover how much you learned about how to increase your level of happiness and the Law of Attraction.

Play as often as you like.

Click here to get started.