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As a child, Cindi Bergen played with fairies. Her five-year-old self would eagerly await their arrival each spring. She would lie in bed during the lengthening evenings, listening for their high-pitched lilting chatter that signaled their return. She believed in magic then – and she still does.

As an adult, Cindi searched for a link between the magic she experienced with fairies and science that we accept as grounded in fact. She discovered that link in quantum physics -- which questions whether “reality” as we know it is influenced by consciousness and offers a fifth dimension from which we can manifest our fondest desires. For Cindi, quantum physics is the bridge between the Science of Happiness and the Law of Attraction.

Her work in First Create Happiness is based on solid research pulled from the pioneers of the positive psychology movement, the HeartMath Institute and from the spiritual masters of the unseen realm. First Create Happiness provides a roadmap for anyone who is ready to take the first step on their journey to joy, positivity and well-being that will last a lifetime.

Cindi has a Masters degree in Instructional Technology, and has spent her career in training and development supporting a Fortune 500 company. She also coaches clients in how to be happy and turning negative thinking into positive energy so they can manifest the life of which they’ve always dreamed.