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Through one of those lovely, synchronistic events, I met the amazing Oliver, from 12Radio. He will be interviewing me tomorrow about my book 'First Create Happiness and the Rest will Follow' at 11:00 AM Pacific. Tune in at

Online Class

Upcoming Online Class


This course is one 2-hour session and will be conducted online using Zoom. 

DATE:Thursday, February 14, 2024

TIME: 6:30 to 8:30 PM (Mountain)

How to register:

Register through Boise Community Education @  Upon registration, you will receive a Zoom link and class content.

You can’t get away from negativity or bad things happening in your life but you can choose how you respond. During this class, you will learn how to catch yourself in negativity, note faulty thinking patterns, shift your thought process and promote more positivity. Scientific studies have revealed that with an optimistic view of life we see greater possibilities, bounce back from setbacks faster, connect more readily with others and become the best version of ourselves. We even sleep better.  

Join us to learn a simple technique that with continued effort has the ability to transform your life from the mundane to the magical.

By the end of this one session you will be able to:

  • Name the benefits that happy people enjoy (besides just being happy)
  • Understand the broaden and build theory of positivity
  • Recognize thinking pitfalls
  • Apply the four steps of the F.L.I.P. It process to your life and your work
  • Name the vital keys to successfully implementing the F.L.I.P.  It process

What have participants said about Cindi’s class?

First Create Happiness classes having given me the quick, simple skills that I needed to turn negative feelings around to the positive. 
I literally use Cindi’s “FLIP IT” technique on a daily basis and am now able to provide happiness for myself instead of being a victim of negativity.  The book is short and to the point with very enjoyable images that make the message easy to understand.  The happiness games that are offered in the newsletters provide reinforcement to insure that the happiness results are lasting.  Thank you Cindi for your commitment to spreading happiness!

—Juanita Segovia



I've really been withdrawn since the COVID stuff started, especially when it comes to "strangers". This helped me feel like my pre-pandemic self and filled me with enthusiasm and joy!

— Jayne R., Boise, ID class participant



It's a very powerful, enlightening and soulful experience. Cindi is a great instructor and she walks her talk.

— Mexico City class participant



Every session left me with a peaceful sensation!

— Mexico City class participant



In general it was great but the last part about forgiveness it was just INCREDIBLE!

— Mexico City class participant



I got a lot out of the class and have made some much needed changes in my life. For the better!

— Boise class participant



I would recommend this course because the material is powerful and the instructor is personable and knowledgeable.

— Boise class participant



I have already recommended this course to a couple of friends because it opened my eyes to what I want in my life. I want happiness and I want to create my own happiness. The tools and strategies you have shared with us have already impacted my life so much over the past 4 weeks! I can’t wait to see where my life is in the next 4 months!

— Boise class participant


I've really been withdrawn since the COVID stuff started, especially when it comes to "strangers". This helped me feel like my pre-pandemic self and filled me with enthusiasm and joy!

—Boise, ID class participant

I absolutely love the book! This is one of those few books that I will keep close and re-read often to remind myself of these important words and techniques for higher vibrations, happiness and enlightenment.

— Scott Schmaljohn

It goes right to your soul and builds a positive energy that comes from within.

— Class Participant, Mexico City

Cindi has changed my life and taught me how to heal from trauma, identify what my body needs to feel safe and calm and provided the foundations for my soul to heal. I am forever grateful to her.

— Nikie Bauer

Given the huge transitions and challenges I am personally facing, the timing for this book has proven ideal, even transformative. It’s given me a chance to reconsider my vibrational potential…and has been a major opportunity for experiencing life-affirming gratitude. Thank you!

— Kathy Gyurkey

This class is like an oasis during this pandemic and the rhythm of life we are swimming in.

— Class Participant, Mexico City