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Are you feeling like your life is out of control?

That even though everything looks fine on the outside, it’s not fine on the inside?

Does it feel like no matter what you do, it’s just never enough?

Whether you are struggling to find contentment, quiet the critical voice in your head—or simply need an emotional tune-up, Cindi can help.

Using life wisdom gained from her own personal passage to happiness, her studies in positive psychology and Appreciative Inquiry, and her decades of providing training and development for corporate employees and private groups, Cindi can guide you through your journey using three simple steps: decreasing negativity by using her trademark FLIP IT technique, increase positivity through Savoring and learning to Share the Good through gratitude and kindness. You will learn how to attain a sense of well-being within that will allow you to recognize your authentic self.

"Cindi has changed my life and taught me how to heal from trauma, identify what my body needs to feel safe and calm, and provided the foundation for my soul to heal. I am forever grateful to her."

— Nikie Bauer

For more information or to schedule a coaching session, please email or fill out the form on this page.