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Introducing Cassandra and Quark, the Quantum Jumping Frog


“Quark, I’ve lost the car keys.” Cassandra said as she peered into the darkness. “I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t find them.”

“Yes. You did mention that.” Quark replied as he floated by.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m looking for a miracle.” He scanned the void with his laser flashlight. “I think we have wandered into the place of no-body, no one, no-thing, no-where, and no time.”

Cassandra and Quark were floating in the zero-point field where all possibilities exist. They were consciousnesses drifting through the void.

“Do I really need a miracle? It is only the car keys.”

“Of course, you need a miracle. It’s not just the car keys, is it? You need to look deeper.”

Cassandra smiled as she realized that she was in for another teaching moment from Quark, the Quantum Jumping Frog. He was her teacher and her mentor. Her mother called him her imaginary friend, but Cassandra knew better. She thought of him as her spirit guide. She didn’t think an imaginary friend could be that wise.

“I just got my driver’s license. This was my first trip without adult supervision. And mom trusted me. I want her to know she can continue to trust me.”

“Is there something more?” Quark inquired.

“Prom is coming up and I want mom to have confidence in me to go dress shopping with Yvette.”

“So, it’s more than just the car keys. It always is. Now, tell me what happened today.”

“I lost the car keys!”

Quark chuckled. “Start at the beginning. It’s better that way.”

“Okay. I picked Yvette up at her house. I was extra careful on the way. I didn’t want to lose my driving privileges on my first trip. We went to the library to study for the physics test. We’re studying the double split experiment. This turned Newtonian physics on its head. I hope someday I can do the experiment myself.”

“I can see how a discussion about quantum physics could be distracting. But… I’m wondering if there was something more.”

“Okay. On the way home, Yvette and I stopped at Sonic for ice cream. There were a bunch of kids from school there. And… well… Marcus asked me to the prom. I said yes. I’ve been hoping he would ask me for weeks.”

“Yes. That could certainly be a distraction.”

“But, what about the car keys?”

“You’ve done a good job of meditating and tapping into the zero-point field. But… you are forgetting something important.”

“Oh.” Cassandra’s eyes got wide. “I’m focusing on what I don’t want. The lost car keys. I’m not focusing on what I do want.”

Cassandra stopped and focused for few minutes on the feeling that all was right with the world. She was able to tap into her inner knowingness because she had practiced many times before. Some people call it your higher self. She felt safe, secure, empowered, robustly healthy, and abundant in every sense of the word. She was home, her true home. She was blissing out.

“I know where the car keys are,” she whispered, not wanting to leave the moment. “They’re in my coat pocket.”

Quark smiled as only he can.

“I looked in my pockets. I know I did.”

“I guess you needed a miracle.”

“I’m going to check now.”

Cassandra opened her eyes. She waited until her vision adjusted to the 3D world again. She went to her closet and reached deep into her coat pockets.

“Found ‘em,” she called out.

“Miracles are everywhere if only we take the time to look for them.”

With that, Quark disappeared. Cassandra knew that he would always be there when she needed him.


Stay tuned for more adventures with Cassandra and Quark, the Quantum Jumping Frog.

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